Monday, April 13, 2009

{A Little Laundry & A little Roast}

I had this locker put in right when you come in off of garage so we have a "catch-all"!
Picture of Sis.

Washer and Dryer that will in my opinion ad at least 15 years to my life.

I picked up this "coated cast iron" pot at TJ Maxx. I do believe it makes food taste better! I put beans in it the first time and they were almost creamy. I am anxious to see how it cooks a roast, but if you don't have one ad it to your list. They have all colors every now and then! I think it is a kitchen must-have!
Love, th


Sherry said...

Show me more, show me more! that was just a teaser! I love the lockers and the wallpaper is to die for!!!!! Lovin the tour!

Sherry said...

Okay, it's several days later and I'm d-y-i-n-g over your wallpaper in the laundry room....i can't stop thinking about it. Can you tell me the brand or line? I wasn't "looking" for a project but I think my 1/2 bath off the kitchen needs a re-do and your wallpaper inspired me! My bath is OK but not what I would've picked. Wallpaper is an easy fix and changes so much about a room! I want to check that out!

Tonia Hobbs said...

I cant think of the name, but if you go to Kolor Key Sharon will know if you just tell her its the green/silver damask. I think she will remember. If not I will take you up there. What ever you do (if you dont know how to hang it) wait on John or Iris the two people they recommend to do it! Mine is Okay. . .but it was a nightmare hang job.
Also if you just go and ask her for her trendiest wallpaper books there are about 4 that have some awesome awesome paper. I had trouble deciding which one to choose! Let me know. I love wallpaper right now!