Thursday, May 14, 2009

{Another World}

I took me a little road trip this afternoon to . . . Booneville. You know that place is like going back in time?
Everybody is so friendly (which is Godliness's next door neighbor in my book). They don't seem to have the case of the "outsider syndrome". I seen smiling faces, an A.S.A.P sign a.k.a. As Southern As Possible (FUNNY!), and other sweet treasures.

I made three stops:

  • The Gathering Place (A must)

  • Smee Drug Store ( I just like the name)

  • Jacque's (formerly Connie's)

I found a sign for the kiddos bathroom and a little "green". I love "greens". They are hard for me to find these days. This "green" sits down in something, but I'll find that later.

Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Love your treasures...I've been getting the "hankering" to head to Booneville, myself...maybe soon!