Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{Last Post was on Monday}

Gee, the week is flying by! I have been buzzin' around trying to get everything just right. Church work, home, home work, house clean, dinner cooked. . .hey, I know whats different. . . the Mr. Hobbs is back and the cooking has set in again. No wonder. I am not a cooker. I don't really enjoy much about cooking at all. I know. It's really a shame. I am Baptist, too. . . and I think cooking is required . . . that is a joke. Anyways, I managed to fix his favorite last night and tonite is church so I am off the hook until tomorrow. I am going to officially tie up loose ends for Lily's birthday party tomorrow and Friday. I also have Mothers Day in the back of my mind . . . should it be a Fern? Lotion? Candle? Candy? Card? I will figure it out. . . my mom likes little simple things so it'll be great.
Enough rambling from me to you. . .
Talk later.
Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Missing you! Hope you have a great MOther's Day!