Sunday, May 17, 2009

{A Sunday Guest}

I had to tell funny jokes to get Clayton to smile!

Lauren & Clayton have been friends for a long time, and now we are neighbors. Today she showed up on her sweet purple bike to hang out with us!
We had a good time!

Favorite Color:
Clay ~ Orange
Lauren ~ Lime Green

Best Friend: (This question puzzled both of them)
Clay ~ Buddy
Lauren ~Lily

Favorite Food:
Clay ~ Smoked Deer Meat (What?)
Lauren ~ Pineapple

Favorite TV show:
Clay ~ "I don't know"
Lauren ~ Hannah Montana

Favorite Song:
Clay ~ Eye of the Tiger
Lauren ~ The Climb

Favorite Book:
Clay ~ Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Lauren ~ The American Girl Doll
What are you going to be when you grow up?:
Clay ~ "I'm not going to get a job," laughing really hard . . ."Mom, can we go ride bikes now?"
Lauren ~ Famous Rock Star

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