Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Gift sacks have made it very simple, while still being so cute, to wrap a gift. Like this little cutie sack from TJMaxx for $1.49.
There is something so nice about gift wrapped boxes. I have always loved to wrap gifts. I come across this blog ( ) and it is just full of beautifully wrapped gifts.

Aren't flowers beautiful atop a gift.

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon.
I think the satin ribbon is gorgeous.

Green and Brown. So nice together.

This is my "gift-wrapped" gift I did today. It isn't as romantic and beautiful as what you see above, but I think it will be very sweet to give . . . and receive.
This could be a new hobby of mine. So if you need a gift wrapped, just let me know. I could give it a try!

Talk Later! Have a great day!
Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Very cute, you did a great job! I love to gift wrap, make balloon bouquets, etc. We should open a business, huh?