Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{Discipline is training}

I didn't read Ronnie Floyd's Post until this morning . . . it really reiterates what I was saying earlier concerning training yourself.

Training Yourself Up
Training yourself to walk with the Lord is one of the pivotal steps in the life of a Christ-follower. We do not always have the fortune of a personal mentor in the faith. For example, I never was mentored in a formal manner. My mentoring was gained through watching and listening to others share the Word. My watching was from a distance, and my listening happened through listening to the tapes (CD’s today) of great men of God.

Training yourself is such an important part of the Christian life. Sooner or later, it all comes down to us walking with the Lord anyway. Our passion for Jesus will drive us to follow God and keep us focused on growing in Christ. While others can guide us or challenge us, it still comes down to disciplining ourselves, training ourselves to walk with the Lord.

In all the years of trying to live with fitness and exercise in my life agenda, it really still comes down to me. While I have the blessing of a trainer who motivates me and helps me reach potential beyond my will, sooner or later it comes down to me. Will I call upon every part of me in order to achieve the highest level of fitness? On Sunday morning, after I had my time with the Lord, I got on our treadmill and ran five miles. While I was doing that, I went over my Sunday sermon. There was no one there to coach me up or get after me to do it. It was a personal decision that I had to make on my own. Somewhere within me on a consistent basis, I have to pull myself up mentally and physically to achieve the act of fitness and exercise.

As that is true for that area of life, it is also true for walking with Christ. No one can make me have a quiet time. No one can make me pray or study God’s Word. No one can make me live out my faith. No one can make me go to church. Even if a Pastor or a Mentor in the faith tells me how to do it and encourages me to do it daily, it still comes down to you and me.

Somewhere within us, we must step up to walk with the Lord. This is a personal, volitional choice each of us make daily.

Therefore, training yourself up to walk with Christ is pivotal to your success spiritually. Can you do it? Absolutely! Discipline is training. It is doing the right thing even when you do not feel like doing it.

This week, choose to do the right thing spiritually. Sooner or later, it does come down only to you. Please make the right choice.

Yes, I can cheer you on, but it still comes down to you.

Ronnie Floyd

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