Thursday, June 11, 2009

{It rained and poured . . .and landed at FBC}

Good Morning. . . almost afternoon. I received a call this morning from Gina at church. Their offices flooded. Water Everywhere. Ceiling tiles Everywhere. Dripping wet books (I could cry-love books) and papers. Spirits are good and everyone is just working like busy bees.
They have been in the process of replacing the roof, but the rain last night came to soon.

I am going to work from home today. I will check my Blog Roll continuously until I see those pics SW!!
Love, Tonia
Have a great day!

Ronnie said I could start a blog for the nursery!! I am so so excited! SOOOO Coming Soon! (I didnt ask today. I asked the other day. Today wouldnt be a good day to ask for anything. I am smarter than that guys!)

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