Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{This post could cause "dizziness"}

"Back to Basics" I know that is a good brand, right? $2 ea (If you choose to wait and see if my hair falls out I understand}

Vaseline Aloe $1 (Great item since my crew look like lobster), .75 Kleenex (great for ball games), Dove $3.50 (close call, but I still think that is much less than Wal-Mart)

Nearly bought em' out of these jewels. Marble Slab containers. Great for the bowl after bowl that gets served around here. I really do think ice cream tastes better out of these things.
Got some Wendy's cups too. Maybe the kids will just think we are eating out. . .

Lookie here! .10 each. To Sweet To Eat!

Various snacks for .20 cents. SM and I looked at the expiration date and it was only October of 2008, so we decided as long as we have the Poison Control Hot line handy we should be fine.

More snacks . . . that popcorn was a real steal.

Well, the fun I got myself into (see earlier post) consisted of:

  1. church for a bit

  2. KFC

  3. Bell Park (3 hrs) . . . mercy. Shade tree and my sturdy chairs ( you know the ones )

  4. I have been in the market for some urns/flower pots, and my mom mentioned this Dunn's Freight Store having some.

  5. Never, ever, never even noticed this place.

  6. Now if you dont like yard sales/damaged/day old/questionable items, this is not the store for you.

  7. No flower pots, but it was still a 'trip'!

Check it out if you dare.

Talk Later.

Love, Tonia

SW this is not the store for you. . . SD?. . .maybe. . . but I just hope you come out ok. If it is comforting at all, I will return.

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Sherry said...

You know I am game! BTW, i got great urns at Sam's for $39 each. The same ones were $79 @ walmart.