Thursday, July 9, 2009

{#2 it is . . .for now}

Thank you so much for your comments about the bed.
I know its not life or death, but every room has come fairly easy to me except this whole bedroom thing. Bedding is kind-of hard. . .romantic and wispy beds look so easy to accomplish in magazines, but budget wise I just couldn't get it accomplished easily. I also had trouble finding accessories to match a simple quilt.
I am totally with Erin ~one day I like the creamy quilt and the next I like the dramatic damask. I am not a big "satin" fan. I like trendy, but I do tend to get tired of stuff quickly. I think with time and of course more money I could've made #1 look nice and cozy. . .but when #2 is all made up I really like it. Lord have mercy this is border line ridiculous. BUT tonite I returned the quilt. I kept look #2.

This is my plan . . .I am just going to look for romantic ruffly pillows every now and again. If I can afford it I will buy it. Eventually I will have a nice little stash. I will stay on the look out for the perfect throw too. THEN . . . when I have enough to have a complete ensemble I will trade it out.

This complete set was $69. So it was within by budget and I think it looks nice.
Now its time to pull out some Contentment Lotion and slather it all over my body (I came up with that all by myself)!!!

Thank you my friends!

Let me know if you hit a ruffle linen pillow sale. . .cheap, real cheap.

Katie, I ordered my bed from the Interior Fabrics in Fayetteville. Thank you for your comment I agree with you. I just couldnt do #1 for near the price of #2 . . .

Please excuse the white tags hanging out in the pic. I didnt slice them in fear of changing my mind. . .again.

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