Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{Memory Lane ~ 7 years}

Remember this party ladies? It was hotter than blue blazes. Unfortunately that my be all you are able to remember . . .
The old PB chalk board that is used for everything from Birthday parties, Lemonade stands, and Yard sales.

These pics are terribly out of order. This one should be after he dove through the the tube . . . to get the torpedo.

Gift of Goggles. . . we love goggles around here.

Ahhh, here is the pic I was talking about. SW I know my picture quality makes you cringe. . . It is pretty much embarrassing for me.

Sweet cousin Gabe

the Jesus Storybook Bible from N. Walker. Which I enjoy reading. Yep, me. I was telling Rae Deal that on occasion I feel like I just cant grasp the Bible. Especially like older stories etc. She suggested I read Children's Bible Books. Hey it helps. I wanted to increase my overall Bible knowledge. . . you probably, and hopefully, don't have my issues. Anyways, great gift for Clayton and his mom.

Hot Hoops.

This would've been more humorous if I would've got these in the right order. . .but you get my drift.

The girls.

Auntie Misty.

Sweet Cousin Britton.

Miss Lauren.

Cole, Kenny, Clay

Guess who that sweet little guy is. . .Mr. Hud

Ahh, this will be Mr. J soon.
More memories coming up . . .

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