Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{1st & 3rd}

We made it home! With all smiles and one untied shoe. . . .

Miss Lily didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Clayton was already in the shower.

Buddy at 7:20. . . .

Very bright SUN this morning. . . .but we are all ready. Lily = excited Clayton = ?
Off to North Main. . .
First we took Clayton, and I didn't walk him in. Only because I was concerned about Lily being late, so I hopped out while in line (other parents loving me, I'm sure) and helped direct him to the playground. As I looked back and seen him slowly walking down that long sidewalk, I regretted not walking with him. I teared up a little, and then proceeded to take the "Mr Hobbs Speech". . . he'll be fine. let him grow up. let him find his way. . . blah, blah. . . . soooo, it was a long day waiting to hear how he made it.
Off to Westwood. . . .

I do have more pictures because we did walk her in. She was very excited. I think she was really missing school.

Love from Buddy. . . a very sleepy Buddy.

We are thrilled to have Ms. L Barker.

After everyone was settled. . . I felt a little lost. . . .I did what any mom would do. . . I went to the barber shop.

Then we went to eat at Whole Hog Cafe. I highly recommend it! Food was excellent, and cost way less than a weeks worth of groceries.

It is kind-of hidden in Brooken Hill. Its tucked behind the Antique Mall next to the Fire Station.

Our last stop was Sharum's. Not alot to see this time of year.

I did spy this concrete pot. . . $229.00. . . Sharum is still the proud owner of that pot.

Aren't these cute?

They also have these neat little metal yard stakes.

I came home with these two "greens". I love hydrangea, and the other is some sort of variegated privet. I plan on planting them this weekend, the weather is supposed to be very nice.
As soon as I could I headed to the schools to pick-up. Traffic was really unbelievable. But we made it home in great spirits. We are very thankful for a wonderful first day of school.

My name is Lily. . .

Buddy missed them so much today.
It was like he hadn't seen them in a million years.
So, so

So, so


Carson. Lily. Clayton.
I love you.

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