Thursday, August 27, 2009

{A Great Day}

Mrs. Sherry! We actually connected without a computer! Face to Face! Amazing! SD is a wonderful example of how blogging can connect you. I didn't really know Sherry until we started "following" each other, and boom . . . instant friendship. Isn't that great? I think so.
We started our day with a unbelievable yard sale. . . which I didn't snap any of my finds, but I should've. I got Lily a really cute doll buggy. I will show you.
Then. . .drive through for Diet Coke. . .TJMaxx. . . Chick-fil-A. . .and, of course, Hobby Lobby.
Something about this pillow. . . I like it. . . but why couldn't it be a rabbit?

Fall stuff Galore!

I am in the market for some fabric for my sweet BB. {Blanket Box}
I think it will eventually be dropped off at Angela's for Carmen. . . I was just thinking I might attempt it myself.
I bought nothing.

Can you guess who was looking at scrap book paper. . .

Cute little monkeys!

Yep, Mrs. Sherry!
Mrs E.Bartlett, I hope you like these colors!
They are in your future.

So cute!

I think these frames are really nice.

I like this lamp. . . but I have no room for another lamp. I know what you are thinking, Mrs. Heather. . . That isn't possible. . . but I think it may be!

Did we have fun?

These little guys can answer that question!
Sherry, I really did have a great time.
I am so glad we planned, and conquered!
Thank you.
Let's get together again. . . before the kids graduate.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia


Erin said...

Love, love, love the scrapbook paper!! Can't wait to see what comes of it!! :)

Katie said...

Looks like fun. Yep Sherri is very nice and helped us decorate our house a litle to sell it. She was more then a friend and is very sweet. I think you two would be great friends. I love how the boys went with you, how fun.