Monday, August 3, 2009

{Memory Lane ~ Starting out in Old Yellow}

I still remember sitting on the front porch hearing the wind blow this nylon flag. I love our new home, but still have fond memories of "old yellow". Its just "Roots". Having babies. Eating sandwiches. Talking about bills. Lots of Laughs. Tears. Hearing the screen door slam. Using the plunger in the tub. . . just about everyday. Mowing a big yard. Big Trees. Hearing every word spoken from whatever room you were in. Joining the Air Force. Getting a Police job. Ants. Laundry outside under carport. No health insurance. Me cleaning houses and working at CobbleStone. Wreaths on front door with bird nest. Kids playing in the sand box. Sand on the tile floors. Roots. . .

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