Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{The Paper Goods Manager}

My little pumpkin Man.
Isnt he just a doll.
Guess what I like about him the most?
Yes, the way he holds his hands. I bet he has good stories to tell. . . if he was real.

Have I talked about displaying books being one of my favorite things to do? I think I have. I feel like sometimes I repeat myself over and over, getting on my own nerves, and I am sure getting on yours. Anyways, I have found that if I have a really neat book out my kids will read it over and over. . .

Like this one. It is the cutest little pop up book ever. It just comes alive as you read.

This is the lovely "twigs in a pot" on my porch. Now during the day, it is. . . ugly. BUT at night it comes alive.

I am going to ad some spider web or something. I mean, I really dont know how to salvage it for day, all I know is I really like it at night. So, basically what it is, is what it is.
Just come over after 8 PM.

I moved this table to my entry. It was in my bathroom, but it kept getting water on it. I really liked it there, but it wasnt exactly practical. It ads a little something to the entry.

Big O' Bowl of Cin & Cider

Well, that is just a little scenery from around here. The only other thing I know is Mr. Hobbs said, after he came in from feeding the dog, that we are a loud family and we should probably put the windows down. We really are loud. I bet Amanda and Cully are really wondering what planet we are from?
Oh, and one more thing I know, I am the ONLY one in my house that can put toilet paper on the holder.
Now you know everything.
Talk Later.
The Paper Goods Manager


Sherry said...

Love the decorations! We are also a loud family....just sayin'! Oh yeah, congrats on the Paper Goods Manager~ How did we get that job???? Where did you find your pumpkin man? Can't wait to see your junk store treasures!

BeckyAnnAmes said...

I like the tree!!

Tonia Hobbs said...

pumpkin man. . . courtesy of mrs. tjmaxx