Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Bright Sunny Seaside Day}

Please know I am well aware that the majority of these pictures stink. . . because my kids expect perfect climate 24-7. They do not like the sun shining in the slightest way in their eyes (and I understand). . . so this is probably a good time to admit I did not get 1 , uno, zippo, none, notta, nothing, no kind-of good picture with all the kids. . .
Anyways, fortunately this post isn't about my kids. . . . its about Seaside.
Bro Ronnie has enlightened me more than any one about Heaven. I didn't know that we would actually have jobs, "a place" aka homes?, etc. in a different kind-of Heaven Way. Well, I am thinking if Ronnie is right, the homes in Heaven
I think my address in Heaven will be 181 SMOLIAN CIR.

Look at the water! It is absolutely gorgeous.

Hat shopping.

Dreamy little market in the center.

To die for pink cruisers.

I do believe another beach cruiser is in my future.
I had lovely teal green one, but it was stolen when we lived in Memphis.
Imagine that. . . . I do not like that place. . . at all. I am sure someone is enjoying riding it to the liquor store everyday. Ouch. Sorry, that was so wrong, but hey, dont steal my stuff.

They built the streets narrow, to encourage bikes to be the main source of transportation. All the model lookin' moms have their pink little bikes complete with a wicker basket on the front.

Shannon, I know this picture quality is embarrassing, but this was my favorite store.

I wanted to share this bench. . . not the smiley children.

Marvelous Post Office Picuture ~
Complete with wipey- tear- mom, Lily and her hand-made binoculars, and the no-smile kid.
I didn't get any pictures of the homes. And at the various stores it was pretty obvious the tourists vs the local . . . so I refrained from taking pictures.
If you ever have a chance to go, it really is a sight to see.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Yes, my place in heaven will also closely resemble Seaside, FL~ Oh my goodness, I love that place!