Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{There is just something about the water}

Hello! How are you, my friends?
We had a really wonderful time.
I am so amazed by the beauty of the ocean.
It is so breathtaking.
For me, just to be able to sit, and take it all in. . . I was so grateful.
We haven't been anywhere. . . ever. Well, since our honeymoon.
This trip was just such a blessing to us.
To be able to celebrate our marriage (10 years!), and to show our kids the water, we are so very thankful.
I took alot of pictures. . .
I sure wish I had Mrs. Shannon W. with me,
but my little snap shots are okay. . .
Buddy loved playing in the sand.
He was very fascinated with

When I seen this picture of Clayton, it took my breath away.
He looks so much like his Dad.

Clayton and Lily both enjoyed the water. Clayton lived in the water. He is my son. Lily played with Buddy, building and digging. She made a "sandcastle kitchen" complete with a stove and dishwasher.

This was the general scene.
Morning ~ off to the beach.
Afternoon ~ off to the beach.
Night ~ off to the beach.

I will share more soon.
I have lots and lots of sandy laundry.
I am playing "catch up" today.
But I feel very relaxed. . . there is just something about the water that wisp all your cares away.
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia
Sharing Seaside later. . . .

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Sherry said...

Yeah, so glad you had a great time. We love Destin. Oh, and by the way, Seaside is my fav~ can't wait to see and hear all about it!