Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Carson is sweet as sugar. . .
His brother is his "best friend".
He loves root beer.
He loves Lego's, video games, and CARS.
He is ready to play baseball for the first time.
He loves to play outside.
He is very smart and funny.
He wants a flashlight from Yeager's.
He falls asleep in his bed, but always ends up in ours.
He loves to pretend, and dress up.
He loves capes.
He loves the park.
He is a "good boy".
He is 4, and he will show you with his fingers.
He typically has cars or some sort of little toy in his pockets.
He wants to be a pilot.
He likes the white undershirt "on top" instead of under.
He loves hugs.
He likes to pout.
He has precious hands.
We call him "Buddy".
He loves his sock monkey.
I love you, Buddy.
You are a doll.
Fall 2009

Black and White or Color? What do you think, my friends?


BeckyAnnAmes said...

What a sweet precious boy!

Sherry said...

Awww, love the shirt. I needed that for Dacen's party!