Thursday, October 22, 2009

{CHI Fight}

These are the kind-of fights Mr. Hobbs & I have.
I tend to plug my "tools" in on his side. Because my side has the important stuff on it (picture frames & lamp). Somehow the cord always gets wrapped around the drawer and door, making it difficult to open. . .okay brace yourself. . . he jerked my CHI off the counter and THREW it on the tile floor. . .ouch. I am thinking, but not saying. . . Buddy, you have no idea how many hours you had to work to pay for that thing. . . but I just said my favorite line right now, "Seriously!"
When he left for work I gracefully picked up the precious CHI and wrapped it as tight as I could around the cabinet drawer and door. What?
Well, apparently sometime while I was at church he came home (probably to use the toilet, he is anti-public bathroom guy ~ Cant say I blame him. . . but he hasn't birthed three babies, so when ya gotta go ~ ya gotta go, but that is another POST in itself. . .) I suppose he noticed my little contraption I created for him . . .
The above picture was his retaliation. . . pretty good, huh? It made me laugh.
In my opinion if ya' gotta fight this is the best way to go about it. No words, just action.
After I removed the CHI from the light, I rolled her up, and put her on my side.
The End.


BeckyAnnAmes said...

I love that! too funny!

Katie said...

You made my day that is so funny and cute. Have fun on your little trip, I would love a break.. Rob will be home tonight from a 3 day business trip.

SheWolf said...

I am rolling right now! That's hilarious!! I can't even picture Mr. Hobbs getting mad...or you for that matter and that's what makes it so funny!

Middle-Class Mom said...

I just GASPed out loud when I read that he threw the Chi on the floor. *Gasp* Glad it survived the trauma. Did you tell him not to mess with a girl's Chi?

Sherry said...

Priceless! Love it!