Thursday, October 8, 2009

{Clean Teeth ~ Olive Garden ~ Random Sweetness}

I love this place. I really don't know how else to put it. I actually look forward to going. Weird? I dunno. My hygienist is a Hoot & a' 1/2 she gets me laughing with all those sharp metal tools in my mouth. . . ahh, its just a classic moment. Then there is THE GAS. They gas ya' for everything. It's great. I don't feel a thing. I can just relax while I hear the sharp squeaky grind going on in my mouth. I am not sure my past dentist (although good-lookin') even knows what THE GAS is??? I would always have my shoulders up to my ears because I was so dern tense. Those days are over for me. There is bliss in the dental world. . . speaking of which, two of my good friends are "teeth girls"! Shout out to ya'! SM and SD!!Mr. Hobbs undergoing his cleaning.
He LOVES coming to the dentist (I had to drag him).
Buddy received this stamp because I was a good patient. . . they should do Starbucks gift cards for adults. . . hey, I would settle for McBucks.

He gets in the car and says, "I think that woman was trying to kill me."
Cry me a river, I say.

Olive Garden Bound

Here I am . . . Bang Girl. Not bad. Not bad at all. (See earlier Post)

Now, you know this is all MW's fault. I honestly knew nothing about Pumpkin Cheesecake.
I am an addict.
I will not recover.
Thanks, MW, would you mind footing the bill for my next round of diet pills???. . . I should so do a post about my weight issues. . . maybe on a rainy day. Real rainy. Hail storm.

Isn't this lovely. I thought so.
(Entry to Olive Garden)

Went home for a bit.
Time to pick up kids.

Lily did her usual. Dug everything out of her back pack and starts reading her books. Or talking non~stop about her day. She starts from the beginning and doesn't miss a beat. I love it. Actually, I adore it.

And since we have soooo much time from West Wood to North Main, I can soak it all in.
When Clayton gets in the car it goes like this . . .
Me: How was your day, son?
Him: Good
Me: Everything go okay?
Him: Yeah
Me: Who did you eat with?
Him: I don't remember.
Me: Who did you play with?
Him: I don't remember.
And that pretty much concludes the conversation.

Random snaps at home. Clayton went inside to rest. Apparently he bumped heads with a girl. Who? I have no idea. How? He cant remember. . .
Lily broke out her binoculars because it was bright and hot. Soooo, white t-shirt came out, and that made it all better. Lord, help me raise a "White T-Shirt Girl."

"Mom, are you done taking pictures? I gotta go."
Well, guess I gotta go too.
Soccer Time.
Talk Later.


BeckyAnnAmes said...

Love these pictures!
I love your bangs!!!!!

Katie said...

What cute pictures, I love your hair. Your porch looks so pretty I want to see more pictures of it. I love those green bows too.

Anonymous said...

What kind of friend would I be if I didn't share something as wonderful as the pumpkin cheesecake?!!