Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{Flying out of this Town}

These pics look alot alike, but they can each tell a story.
Mr. Hobbs & "Walker" have really enjoyed each other.
(Do guys do that?, I cant really word it better)
They just ignite with humor when they are together.
I went to lunch with them one day and they were ready to go, but I had only took two bites of my sand which because I was laughing so hard to whole time.
Jerad is a pilot also.
With the economy it has kind-of been up & down.
It has picked up, so he worked his last shift last night. Mr. Hobbs called me, "Where is the camera?" Why, I say? Tonight is J's last shift and we wanted to take our picture. Ahhh, now that's a story.

He has been working 6p ~ 6a. Mr. Hobbs cks in @ 6a. The other morning Mr. Hobbs was running late, J sent a text. . . "any day now. . ."

This picture is my favorite (below) because
of course
they are being so silly
they can't even keep a straight face.

I wish I could share more of my "comic relief" from these two, but I avoid "cop talk" on my blog (that is another blog in itself).
I know they know more than they will ever tell me anyways!
We wish you the best, Jerad. Thank you for being a great friend to GW 16( I think that is his #).
10 ~ 4

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