Monday, October 12, 2009

{Hot Cocoa ~ Doctor ~ Backpacks}

Mr. Fred Hand Puppet was still going strong this morning. I got the kiddos up and at em', 1/2 way dressed, and then I served up some hot cocoa. My kids (and myself) (and Mr. Hobbs) are not morning people. We are all pretty quiet, and just gently smile at each other, in lu (lou? sp?) of saying "Good Morning". Energy Conservation.

I noticed Clayton really looking at his,
as if
he couldn't decide whether or not to take a sip.

A closer look.

And then it just sat. . .because this little guy didn't feel well. He said his throat hurt, and I heard him cough. Sounded painful. So I took him to the doctor after I took Lily. . .

Lily was excited
she had a new
backpack to carry
from her
Nana Mary.
Kay is my moms name (Paula Kay), and Kay is my middle name.
Thus, Lily Kay.

Girls are so sweet because they like knick-knack type stuff.
Hello Kitty erasers. Little packages of tissue. Sparkly Pencils. Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers. Cotton Candy scented body spray. Glitter Lotion. Charm Bracelets. Precious sweet little stuff.

This little pack will be loaded with all things sweet for this little sweetheart.

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