Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{Missionaries ~ Accountability ~ Ugly Funk}

My day today.

Was so so full.

I am fine.

My head does not hurt.

My brain has a slight twitch.

My heart is a little heavy.

I love missionaries.

I love what they do.

I am all about what they do. I know what the

Good Book says about "go tell" and "teach nations". It is our

responsibility. But today I was reminded that I don't have

to look far.

I don't have to board a plane.
I don't have to get a passport.
I don't need any kind-of series of shots.

Just look.

I just can look around me.

The very person sitting in front.

In Back.

To the Side.

Or diagonal from me. . . even at church.

One of them is . . .



Sad. Hungry.

Over tired.

Confused. Lost. Angry.

People need people.

They need me.

They need me to Reach out.

They are out there. Close by.

Slow down and be aware. . .

I am heavily convicted that I haven't met my neighbors. . . its been weeks now.
For all I know they could've already moved out. . .
I am telling you for accountability.
If I verbalize what I am feeling.
It will force me to get with the program.
Because I will have little eyes on me.
So if I have not posted something/anything about the people next door
in the next couple of weeks. Call me on the carpet.

Lets laugh a little. . .
at my expense!

Now about my "ugly funk" for the last week or so.
Baggy clothes.
Zit on lower right side of lip.
Dark roots.
Bushy eyebrows.
Super short bangs. . .

It's just something about being a human.

Being a human and being a female and being 30ish. . .


I would



My feelings have no eternal value.


My feelings have no eternal value.

It's just the "human flesh" that sometimes gets the best of me.

I am fine. I have a hair appt tomorrow. and I might swing in

that Walgreens store and

get me



Cover Girl (LOL)

since this

High Priced Bare Minerals ain't cuttin' it. . .

So to shed a little more humor on the subject I post The Picture.

I dedicate it to my friend that went to bed with a wet head and woke up looking like a super model. . .

and my other friend that has delicious clothes complete with a cutesy dress for Summer 2010. . .
"Mrs Me"

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meeksmiles33 said...

I really do love you!!! :)