Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today was our first Saturday that wasn't filled with some sort of ball. I had a tad of work, but other than that I was completely freed.

The most important things I accomplished today:
  • Purchased containers for cookies that I am going to make for my neighbors, you know the one I have talked about, but have yet to see any action. I am now two steps closer. Cookie dough purchased last week from Sam's (um, I am now a Sam's card holder. . . I think I will make a full post about that later. Is that store the devil?)

  • Stared at Clayton. His face seems to be getting slimmer. Have you stopped to stare lately? You might be surprised what you see. . . you see alot more when you stare opposed to just looking as you drop off, pick up, fix dinner, etc.
  • Had "ART TIME" with the kids and neighbors kids. pics in next post.

  • Watched FOOD, INC. This will definitely get its very own post. This is just the sort of thing that gets me so fired up. Not only at the industry, government, but also myself. I FEEL so ignorant. Not having more of a clue about farming and farmers, I feel ashamed, as I should.

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