Saturday, November 14, 2009

{Mom and Daughter Times ~ Warms my Heart}

I have had the most enjoyable time decorating with Lily. She says "Mom, Can I help you?" I say, "I would love that, Sis." Some things are meant to be shared, and sharing decorating for the holidays with my little girl has been such a warm blessing to me. I make sure she has very important jobs to do. I hope she will enjoy the holidays when she gets older, as I do. So far, so good. Holiday Decorating Hint: I have been spying wreaths on lamps here and there. Above is my "copy cat" with things I had.
Pink twinkle lights on Lily's iron bed. It's a tradition. I think I have been doing this since she was 3.
Simple, Simple things can make your daughter feel like a queen. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Take one strand of lights, and twist till dizzy.

I am moving on to the kids bath and bedrooms. I will share later. You probably wont believe me. . .
but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Talk Later. Lots to talk about~ Got to go now. . . Mr. Hobbs cooking my favorite, sure to be a delight.


Shannon said...

TOTAL princess room! So, so pretty~!

BeckyAnnAmes said...

SO SO SWEET!!! I love the wreath on the lamp too!

meeksmiles33 said...

You are doing well sister! Lily's room is adorable!! Makes me want new bedding for Lauren's room!