Thursday, November 12, 2009

{My day in a nutshell}

I had a good day. . .

  • Got up

  • Took kids to school

  • Came home and snoozed just a tad more

  • Got up, again

  • Pulled off an amazing pony tail lookin' thing without even brushing my hair

  • Went to work, I am looking into a scheduling software that could very well be as valuable as my toothbrush

  • Picked up kids
  • Came home and ate Chocolate Chip Cookies until I felt sick

  • Dinner with the folks

  • Devotion (old Baptist word ~ but still highly effective) with kids, Prayer

  • Bed time for them

  • Play time for me
The pictures are just some pretty things to enjoy. I love those green leafy wreaths.

Talk Later.

Love, Tonia


Sherry said...

Ditto on the wreath. Wish I could find a good one, cheap!

Tonia Hobbs said...

I am with ya sista. . . I can find em but they aint cheap. . .