Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{my God is good}

i am at work this am doing this and that. i dropped off my computer off to be de-bugged so hopefully i will be back in business soon.

i have a full couple of days. we will celebrate thanksgiving at my house. much to clean & cook. . . if i can ever get to the store. surely we wont have to order pizza, although we are reeeaaallly good at that (lol). my jeep is leaking oil so that needs to get fixed. lily has a feast today, and she needs her mom to deliver cool-whip. it will happen. . . oh yeah, and meeting with the ar game & fish about speck o' farm. it will all happen, my God is good. oh yeah, i need to pick up cloth napkins and a shower curtain. and get buddy to his feast and mrs. bakers. enough of me, more of you. . . Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy your family. Time. it sure does go somewhere. . . "vapor" is so so true and right.

so much to be thankful for. . .
my God
my family
my church
my health
my friends
and so much more. . . so much, and i don't deserve any of it. God is good to me.


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