Monday, November 16, 2009

{On the record, In the Record, On my mind. . .}

Do you get a paper?
Pick one up today.
Times Record.
Greenwood Schools Eye Crisis Protocol

"Besides, Johnson said, there was no weapon" (?)

I have not had the training or experience of our police department. I watch the news. Everyday. And everyday I hear of the tragedy the most unsuspecting people inflict on innocent people. Everyday.

When Mr. Hobbs is called to the school, although a trained officer in uniform, he is a Dad. My kids Dad, and although "less than pleasant" is an understatement I am glad he was there. Him and the rest of them.

That is really all I need to say. . .

My Prayer today. . .
Lord, keep my babies safe. Thank you for our Police Department. Thank you for our County Police. For them I am grateful. They will protect me and my family, even if it means their precious life. Thank you for people whom provide protection, regardless of image.

Protection over Image.

Talk Later.


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Dana said...

It is interesting that you posted this today. You and your family have been on my mind ALL day. As well as ALL of our children! Thought about texting you at 5:00 this morning but decided against it...I am sure that you are glad that I didn't! :)
We must keep praying!