Wednesday, December 2, 2009

{Dissecting What Really Matters}

When us ladies above went to the Merge conference in TN we met this very seasoned, sweet, and smart children's ministry leader. I wish I had my notes in front of me, she was just so full of truth. She was able to put things in perspective, and stressed the importance of raising children for God . . . and simply nothing else.
So much goodness. When Lily was invited to her Sunday School (Excuse me, Life Group ~ I am old fashioned. . . I kinda' like Sunday School. . . and hymns. . . and pews. . . yikes.) teachers home this week, I was reminded of something she told us. There is only one person in your child's life that does what they do for absolutely nothing, and has no hidden agenda.
Sunday School Teachers.
She went on to say how. . .
Teachers ~ have state requirements to meet. . .
Coaches ~ have games to win. . .Etc.

Sunday School teachers are partnering with me to help me teach my children about how to live a life with eternal rewards. Not with Ivy League Education, scholarships, wealth, and earthly treasures.

Mrs. Katrina has no other cause or desire, but to see Lily grow closer to the Lord. No Big~Bang. No Evolution. No World War II. No dissecting frogs. No 2 + 2.

I know I am guilty to think of my child's school teacher (I am so grateful for them, don't get me wrong) first, especially at Christmas time. . .

but this year

I am going to mix it up a little. . . for the better.

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