Friday, January 22, 2010

{Body here & Mind there}

I spent much of my morning at church, but I broke away this afternoon for a little relaxation
that only Booneville can offer. I am loving all the birds that have flown in everywhere I go.
Buddy treated himself to a Lemonade Granita (?)with whip cream and purple sprinkles. Yes, purple sprinkles. I really appreciate little things like purple sprinkles.

This picture has been in The Gathering Place as long as I can remember, but I love it more every time.
What do I love so much about it?
The American Flag.

Just around the corner. . .

The Flower Shop - Nice quilts. Pretty florals. But the real show stoppers. . .

This antique hutch. Me have no space. And these. . .

Vintage bird paintings. Oh, be still my heart. Original. The real deal. With a real price.

$88 each. Oh yes, friend, there were two.

Even though my body was in Booneville, my mind was on these two. . .

Praying for Sweet E.

I didn't purchase anything today. . .
oh yes i did. . .
A strawberry granita.

I had fun Shaina Sue!
Next time "us crew" will have to go together. . .
We can dance together in the antique store, and
I will pat you on the bottom (just ask Shaina).
CrAzy StUfF.

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Katie said...

Here is the story, neat blog too. I am glad yours worked out. I thought about buying them and almost did then I read this.. Do you have the same ones? I have the small ones in my house but not these big ones!!