Saturday, January 9, 2010

{Bring on the old movies}

What a weekend this has been so far. Pardon my french, but I felt like C-R-A-P yesterday. I stayed in bed and barked orders the best I could. Of course, come 11pm I was like a rooster at 6am. Wide awake. I always thought Bewitched looked like a silly movie, but I thought

laundry? or movie? I chose the movie. How cute was that! Adorable. I thought N.K. was fabulous. Her little house was to die for! I love the lamp on her kitchen counter. She really is a good nose twitcher.

This morning I picked up right where I left off. Working 9-5 is on. Comes on about every other day, but I have never watched it. It is hilarious!
I have been missing out!
What other old/older movies are so good?
Let me know. . . if I haven't watched them, I will!
Have a good lazy day!
We need to get our husbands some of that "Stud Cologne"! LOL!


Middle-Class Mom said...

Have you seen "The Mirror Has Two Faces?" So cute!

Tonia Hobbs said...

No, I havent. . .I will look in to it. Where could i find it?

BTW, is it "into" or "in to" . . .

Middle-Class Mom said...

into... :)

I'm sure you could find it on Netflix. Or I'll mail you my DVD and you can mail it back to me. Happy to do that!