Monday, January 25, 2010

{It's minor}

Okay friends, if you have ever wondered just how bad a house can get. . . I can show you. I dont know what is wrong with me , but I have just started pulling stuff out of every corner of this house. AND instead of completing one project at a time, I go and rip everything out of another closet. . . so it looks like a tornado has hit.
Mr. Hobbs gently asked me this morning, "Is there something wrong?" I simply stated, "No, I'm fine. . . just getting organized." He said nothing. . .He's gotten smarter over the years.

And you know when you are cleaning out you always stumble upon . . . your past.

Mrs. Heather, this "Senior Year" book has all sorts of activities we used to engage in (all good things, like walking & sitting at L&J) ( We were "good girls" people, so dont be getting the wrong impression). It was very intriguing to me. . .my memory was jogged, and I was able to laugh.
We had some really good times.
In the back you wrote that you would always care for me and we would always be friends.
Heather, God is very mysterious. I think he might be a little sneaky too (in a good kinda' way), but anyways, it really is good to reconnect with you.
I am glad we are "always friends". . . again.
This conversation could probably get REALLY heavy, sooooo this summer on your awesome deck, I will make tea and we will talk. . . I'll bring this book, so we can laugh together.

Oh my.


Oh yes, and in the midst of my madness Mr. Hobbs wanted to start working on the taxes.
I sent him on his way. . .
And (back to top pic) the "washer fixer guy" is supposed to be here within 30 min. I was really concerned about the "laundry mountain", but really compared to all the other damage I have done, its minor.
Pray for Michael.
Talk in a bit.
Love, Tonia


meeksmiles33 said...

I do this a lot, start a project and find another one. Organization is healthy! Keep it up! :)

Ashhog said...

That looks my house....except I'm not pulling things out to just somehow got that way. :)

Mom2Three said...

Tonia, little tears welling up in these eyes, we were good, we were fun, and I look forward to sitting with you on this deck and "remembering". Oh, and don't feel bad about the house, I do the exact same thing!!

BeckyAnnAmes said...

This is what my bedroom has looked like for a while! Beau says I start too many projects at once so I know the feeling!!!

Middle-Class Mom said...

Do you know how many days and hours of my life were spent creating that senior yearbook?

I literally toted home a Mac computer for an entire year. Such a dork. Thanks for being my friend anyway. :)