Monday, January 18, 2010

{Polar Bear II}

My sweet son whom seems to need me less everyday. . .

The Girls. Lauren & Harper. Cute.

Kiddos. Mr. Hobbs. Chief K. Jackson. oh yes, and one gazing pirate.

Sis & "Stew". . . whom is nice enough to get her out of the car when we miss "the ladies".
Lily doesn't like it when mom misses "the ladies."

L. Bryant whom is my hero. Not only is she brilliant, she runs about 20 miles a day. . . someday that will be me. Anyways, she is a doll. A Democrat, but a doll.

I did it!

Sooooo cold!!!
Air National Guard.
See the guy on right?
Top recruiter in the U.S. or something like that. Really cool.

Mr. Hobbs was supposed to return to us for his towel. But this is all we found.

There he is!

Lily is asking why didn't you come get your towel?
To cold! Ran straight to the trailer.
Gazing Pirate.

The Plunge Survivors.

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