Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Relax Honey}

I woke up this morning (after already waking once and dozing back off), to the sound of bath water. Clayton decided to take a warm bath and fix breakfast for him and his sister. I told him I really appreciate being such a big help to me.

Lily continues to need poked and prodded to roll out of bed. She has misplaced her folder. . . and didn't turn her lunch money in yesterday. . .and I am sure they would like to have it. . . because she is in the hole (-).

Last but not least, this little guy. . .

was "sawing logs" at 7:30. . .

I just scooped him up and put him in his car seat (magic glove and all).

The "washer guy" came yesterday. He couldn't really find anything wrong with me washer. He is going to order some new "rubber deals" for the bottom. . . Before he left I heard Mr. Hobbs ask, "Now its okay to use it, right?" Funny, huh?

Relax honey, you can see the bathroom floor now. All is well.

I am heading to work today.
I will continue my "organizing" another day.
I had enough yesterday to last me awhile.
Pray for Michael.
Pray for Emily.
Talk Later.

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Jennifer said...

That glove is too cute!!!