Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{Are you kidding me? You must be joking, right?}

I need to hang-it-up. . . or be hung-up.

I am C-R-A-N-K-Y. . . .


You know?

When the question is not. . . what is on your nerves BUT whats not on the nerves. . . .

I could rewrite A. Morrisettes "Ironic" song. . . these could be some of my lines. . .

3 letters to mail .90 cents in the postage meter.

Am I hungry again? I just ate.

Not just cold. . . again. . . freezing. . .

Is my tire low again?

Is that candy in your little hands, little girl? Tell your folks you cant bring candy, little girl. Okay?

Who did you say was going to be on the team?

What is that smell?

Are these clothes clean or dirty?

Son, when you don't raise the toilet seat urine runs all underneath. . . here, let me show you. You see that?

Why didn't I point the ends of those instead of rounding them?

I am just going to leave the silver wear for the 4th time and reload the dishwasher.

When was the last time I talked to my husband? At least I have passed him on the highway twice this week.

Instead of getting something out of your closet, I would prefer you to dig through the stuff that hasn't been folded and put away. Save me a few steps could you?

Lord, tell me I didn't get an overdraft charge on that Rt 44 I bought at Happy Hour.

Don't worry. I am going to hibernate tomorrow.

Although, please remind me to come out by Friday to make it to my hair appt. . . since I no-showed last week. . . people that "no show". . . mmm, mmm, mmm. . . no comment.

If you need some cheering, head over here. . (

It will either cheer you or depress you. . . it's a real toss up.

I would live on the boat. No joke.


Decor de Provence said...

I'm so laughing right now! I know what you mean about living in that boat... I seriously almost went to the owner's front door and said, "I'm moving in!!"
You are absolutely darling!!!


Mom2Three said...

Oh Tonia, how I can relate to so many of those things this week too! The laundry, the tiolet seat, the now who did you say was on the team? I love it, you say it, priceless!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Now I would live on that boat in a skinny long as it was anchored off my beautiful cottage on the coast.

Funny you!