Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{Table Talk}

I think I might have figured out exactly what my weakness is. Antique Tables. Little ones. I love them. My heart stopped beating when I spied this one. . .
It was the "harp" shape at the base.
It was similar to the one I have in my entry.

If you are in the market for birds, they have these gold ones at Dunn's Wholesale for $2.95.

This table takes a "beatin'" because my kids like to pretend the drawer is a mailbox. (See that antique dog? I am diggin' those. He's my first, but I've got my eye on a spaniel.)

This is Mr. Hobbs side table. . . a' many of glass of sweet tea has sat here.
I have my eye on yet another table. . .metal bottom, glass top. I'll let you know if I cave. . .
Talk Soon.


Sherry said...

Where is Dunn's wholesale? Love it all!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Its a trip!! Hope you are ready for an adventure. . .Its to the right of the old Sutherlands builing. It is a tan metal building I think. It's on the way like you would be going to Kolor Key. . . Post your finds!!

Katie said...

I love old tables too. I love your bunnies!! I love those dogs too, do we share a brain? I have had my eye out for a pointer or spaniel. I want a heavy one though not a ceramic one. More of a wrought iron one that is painted. I looked on Ebay but there is so many it takes forever to look at them all.