Monday, February 8, 2010

{Turn 2 into 4}

I know you all probably get ready for dates in a much different way than me. . .
1. Chop nails off as short as possible
2. Chop hair off. . .not short as possible, but pretty short for me!! (Thanks Amber!)
3. Clean out ears.
The Meekers and The Hobbs are keeping each others kids for "date nights". Wonderful. Idea. If. We. Don't. Lose. Momentum. January. . . so far so good. . . Meekers turn.
I love this restaurant. Top 2. . . Olive Garden & Red LobsterOkay this makes it even better.
Seating for 2, but end up with 4, in the seating for 2.

After great food & great conversation.
Stroll to Malco.
Sold out.
Mad dash to Carmike.
15 tickets left. . .
get to the window. . .
2 tickets!!
Are you serious?
No! No! No!
So. . .
I batted my eyes.
And put on my sweetest smile.
And asked for the manager.
We are all smiling.
We all seen Dear John.
The perfect ending.


Jennifer said...

Your number of posts AMAZE me! I don't know anyone that puts that much on their blog! Good for you!! It just keeps me looking several times throughout the day to see what is next!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Well, I dont watch TV. That helps. I load my pics and get up. Do a chore. type a little. Scrub a toilet. type a little. Fix dinner. type a little. . . I've got it down to an art. Thanks for peekin'! Thats really sweet!!

Tonia Hobbs said...

well, I watch very little TV. . .