Saturday, March 27, 2010

{Mr. Unfaithful Part I}

No, not my husband.

But I do tend to cringe when I hear people say, "Well, that could never happen to me." or "My husband would never cheat on me." Don't say that. Why? Because. . . none of us are above sin. I think that's why the Bible is very clear about "running as fast as we can away from temptation".

We live in a world where "cheating" is easier than ever. . . Internet, busy lifestyles, and cell phones. And as busy as we are. . . Satan is busier.
I can no longer count on two hands the number of people in my life that this has effected.
I realized three summers ago I no longer understood why a man is unfaithful. As I gently packed one of my most dear friends things in boxes, I wondered why? Beautiful home. Gorgeous Children. Great jobs. . . and a wife that cooked, cleaned, and looked great. She fit the "perfect wife" mold.

My sister was talking to me about one of her friends husband whom was seeing one in the morning hours at the gym, and another after hours "working late". Same story. 6 digit income. 2 beautiful girls. And a "hot wife" that swears she "kept the fires burning".

Now, at this point I am going to admit I am just rambling. But come Wednesday I am going to ask Rae about this. . .

I don't worry/or think much about Brad being unfaithful, but I do pray about it. I pray that God will keep him far from temptation, and keep our marriage safe. With his job/hours, our time to simply communicate can be a real challenge.
I recall being with him at parent teacher conferences one year (he was in uniform-which seems to do something people, particularly girls), and there were two ladies that acted oblivious to #1 me standing right beside him #2 the gold band on his finger. (No, I didn't know them). Mmmm, I say. What happened to ladies that respected the fact that a man is married?

I know what the secular world says about this, but I want to know exactly what God says. So I will be back with more on this subject.

Feel free to chime in, or just sit back and read along. Regardless, pray for your marriage. . . especially if you think "not me".

Talk Later.




meeksmiles33 said...

Well, there is much to say on this topic. I really think prayer and communication are the two most important keys. As a wife, I should pray for my husband daily and I do. I do pray he is not tempted. Satan is always looking for a way to ease into our lives. It is like the Casting Crowns song says, "Families never crumble in a day". It takes baby steps sometimes. That is why communication is a big key as well. Mr. Meeker and I have had many conversations about this topic and I think it helps for us to both be aware that Satan is always out on the prowl. He is ready to devour us!!! Some women do not care about that ring, vows, or a family. All they know is they are lonely and they see what they don't have. Always remember his needs have to be met. That is important. Another thing is to be careful what situations we put ourselves in sometimes. And that is all I have to say about that!! HA!!

Katie said...

I will never say not me about anything. As soon as you get to the point of knowing it all or thinking Satan can't get you, He will. Marriage is a constant battle between God and Satan. We both try and stay out of situations where we put ourselves with other people or we become to friendly with someone of the opposite sex. I flee if I feel any weirdness. It is so sad everything I hear and the neighbors that are moving because of divorce and infidelity. It breaks my heart for the family.

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the gift card ;)

gina said...

This is such a good thing to be talking about. I totally agree with you and the comments already made. Marriage (and the family) are our greatest source of love and joy - thus Satan's greatest target. And I think Satan is so crafty - finding that weak spot in each of us - Which is actually a good thing to know - that each of us will probably have a time to be tempted in this area - and knowing that can be prepared with our response -( to flee like Joseph!!)

Have you ever read the book "Fascinating Womanhood"? - quite an interesting book (some of it is dated and will make you laugh - but the overall message is a good one)-This book has really changed how I view my role and responsibilities as a wife and the behaviors and messages I send to my husband - that can help protect him - from being vulnerable to admiration that comes from other women. I am doing my part when he knows he is loved, admired, appreciated, respected at home. Now, I'm not great at this but I'm trying and I'm aware of it, which is a big part. It is so hard when they are busy and gone a lot - when stress, finances and time to communicate is a problem.

On my two hands - of the couples I know personally that have gone through this - about 8/10 are those that I'd have never guessed this could happen to. I've come to realize like you do - that nobody is immune to this temptation. Even if we do "everything right" as a wife - this can still happen. I like the scripture (can't recall the reference) that states pretty much, that 'we will never be tempted beyond our capacity to resist.' This brings me great comfort.

Keep these posts coming. These types of discussions are so engaging and worthwhile.

Tonia Hobbs said...

Hey Sweet Gina~ I appreciate your thoughts and book reference. I meet with my pastors wife Wednesday, so I will be back hopefully with a little more knowledge and thought on the subject. In the meantime, my heart breaks for those who go through this tragedy!