Saturday, March 13, 2010

{Hello from Sunny CA}

I am here! Thank you, Lord for safe flying.

After a full day of flying, using public restrooms, and eating a $4.25 package of Recees Peices, I said "Take me to the water." And Mrs. Jacque did. So tonight down by the bay, I ate grilled Mahi Mahi, missed my family, and thought of blogging.

This morning when I left Buddy was trying to figure a way to get in my suitcase, Lily was wondering if her Aunt Deana could paint a "Fancy L" on her big toe, and Clayton was off to Little Rock for a baseball camp. . . all the meanwhile I was silently hiding my heartache of leaving.

But, now I will focus and listen. I am anxious to see what God has in store for me this week. There is always more learn, and always room for improvement.

You all know I dont know what I'm doing. . .but thank heavens God does.

And one thing I know for sure. . . wherever He leads, I'll go.

Talk real soon, friends.



becky at abbeystyle said...

It's a cliff hanger of a post! What're you doing in California? Sounds divine!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry girl! Not a cliffhanger!! You make me laugh! I am here for a week with my job/work for a convention, I will be back in AR Thursday. But in reference to my life in general, wherever God leads me (no matter where I am) - I'll go. Talk Soon..

Dana said...

Post MORE pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana!! Its me!! I would, but I bought internet connection on Sunday Eve but my connection was horrible so I am only able to get on with my phone. . . I need to figure out how to use my camera/phone to post! Anyways, I am taking as many pictures as I can. . .without Jacque and Lori thinking I need a physic evaluation!!

Stacy Carter said...

Did you feel the earthquake this week? I heard about and thought of you!

Elaine Phillips said...

Good Morning To You Sweet Friend O' Mine!!! I finally visited your blog and want to tell you that you have a talent when it comes to writing. You should try writing a children's book sometime! I miss you and hope to see you this summer sometime. Give those kids a squeeze from me and let Brad know the boys think it is "radical" that he drives a Charger now!! Woo,hoo!!! Love you!!