Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Let the day go by in my Lawn Chair}

Today I wore a sundress.

I drug my chair outside.
I had sweet tea in my hand.
I talked on the phone, and yelled at my kids.
Ages 9, 6, & 4. . . still don't know how to "look both ways".
Other than a couple of close calls with moving vehicles, and a rip stick rider going down hill. . . .
Today has been perfect.

These POMS are my latest creations. . .
This is fo' sho' my latest gig.
Love, Tonia
P.S. HG, I did make it through the night (thanks for asking). I did have a close call, one side caved to the ground. This morning I propped it back up on my window sills and made her up all nice and pretty. You cant sleep in it safely, but it looks good. Nice. . . .


gina said...

Today I wore a bulky turtleneck sweater (snowing outside), I sat in my cozy chair inside, had hot cocoa in my hand, did some work on my computer, and yelled at my kids to finish their chores. Ages 14, 9, & 3. . . and they still don't know how to do chores without major murmuring. Our day wasn't too different from yours besides temperature!

Your POMs are cute!!

mom of 3 e's said...

your're funny ;) it wasn't.

becky at abbeystyle said...

bright colors'll make anyone feel happy! cute and colorful poms! Have happy sunny Sunday!