Friday, April 9, 2010

{I am okay with that}

Over the last couple of weeks I have gradually been setting up a yard sale. . . I have let the kids room "go to the dogs", and you know what?
I am okay with that.
My goal $100, and by
10:00am this morning I am almost there.
I am taking care of customers and in my "down time" cleaning. Doesnt that sound like WORK! It is.
But I am okay with that too.
Have a good day.
Talk Later.
I have a customer.

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Katie said...

Awesome, yes it is a lot of work but is kind of fun. I made $400 last year in about 5hrs. The rest of the day nothing!! Hey it was fun money, that I would have not had if I didn't do it. I think we are having another in May. Hope it goes well again.