Friday, May 7, 2010

{Around my Town}

Man, O, Man. . . if my "bread-n-butter" didn't come from the City of Greenwood, I would feel a little more freedom to have some fun with this town, but anyways, it does, AND I am very grateful for Chief K. Jackson whom hired my husband. I dont think C. Hicks did. . . I 'll have to ask Brad about that. . . I cant remember! Can you believe that. I guess Brad wasn't wild enough for him (Ah, now cut that out!!) Geez, I am not sure why I felt compelled to say all that (I think the bleach is getting to me) ( I am cleaning)(Bleaching my computer. . . )( I am on break). . . Anyway, I am not a

Kelly Korners everyday reader (Gasp for air!! It's okay I am still going to Heaven), but the other day was by far my favorite post of hers. "Blanche" (I think that was it) the mannequin in the window! Holy Cow, now that is funny! So, I think I will ever now and again do a little "My Town" post. . . Ya'll feel free to join me. I could do McLinky, but, nah. Ya'll just snap at your own pace.
I love Bass Street.
I am not super crazy about all the company it keeps (Ahhh, now cut that out!).
But the homes are sweet and charming.
#1. The Terry's-Their yard is such a labor of love. Those two just get out there and work, work, and work. I can just hear Janice telling Earl how it better be.
#2. Who doesn't love everything about M. Terry. I love her style. I even love her car. One night Brad & I seen her at Red Lobster. She was dressed super super cute. I don't know how old the lady is, but she has way more style than me!
#3. If I had an extra 125,000. . . I would purchase this little jewel.
More in a bit. . .

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meeksmiles33 said...

I agree, I do love that road. Yes, the company is NOT the greatest. I am with ya there sister!!!

Totally LOVED the Blanche post! It really was great. Love the name, Blanche... has a certain ring to it.