Monday, May 3, 2010

{BP Oil Spill}

I've been following this story on the news for days. . .
They say it could possibly be the worst environmental disaster since Alaska's Exxon Valdez spill in the 1980's. What happened? An offshore drilling rig exploded. They believe over 200,000 gallons
of crude oil are being poured into the gulf.
The slick is getting bigger everyday.
Boats are docked.
Families are hurting.
Dead turtles are

washing up ashore. And no solution has been found.
Talks of building a dam.
Talks of burning it.
Talks of help from our government.
(BP you have billions (from profit). . .you may need to spend it).
My heart breaks for selfish reasons, we had some semi-plans to go in June, but the real heartache is for the fishermen and the ecosystem.
Talk Later,


Erin said...

We've been following it too. For selfish reasons I'm also VERY woried about our trip to the beach that is already booked!!

mom of 3 e's said...

hubby said he would be glad to check it out for you next week while he is down there.

Ashhog said...

I know! We just canceled our trip for June. We had to make a decision this week to get money back and I'm afraid it's going to be pretty bad. But yes, it is terrible to think of all the ocean life and all the fishermen and people who make a living in the tourist industry. Praying they get it stopped soon!!