Sunday, May 9, 2010

{Lily turns 7 on Wednesday}

This past Friday Night we had a party for Lily!
We had a great time celebrating!
She was so excited!
Her little girlfriends are so sweet.
I was so thankful so many of them were able to come.
A Pink Pom.

Some Pink Punch.
Pink Cupcakes.

(I cant remember why the faces? A bug? or the wind? I think it was the wind.)
We went bobbing for apples. . .
the girls loved my old time birthday games!
Alot of them had never bobbed!
We forgot to take off the stems, so after a few easy turns, we were off with the stems!

Buddy has a stem!
Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Cupcake & Candles!
Make a Wish!
Pretty Packaged Presents.
Sweet Kitty Card.


The busted pinata made some great hats!
So much fun left us with one tired little girl.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
Mom & Dad love you.
Here's to another wonderful year. . .

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