Monday, May 17, 2010

{What a hoot!}

Last week I took Clayton to the doctor because he has been having trouble breathing.
This is the "Drama I'm Sick Shot" he gave me.
Have ya'll ever noticed Dr. Whites skeletons cute little pose?
I think it's funny.
Anyways, when he went out to order x-rays. . .
All heck broke loose.
I am certain it sounded like a bunch of
barnyard animals

in our room.

When he came back in the room
they assumed being little angels.
Clayton is going to live, he just needs some new meds and inhaler.

Dr. White told Clayton his x-ray showed a little "gas", but to

wait until he went outside.
He thought that was hilarious!

On my way out I spied this picture.
I thought it was snap worthy.
Perhaps some of those receptionist should take note. . . perhaps.
We love you Dr. White!
You are a hoot!
Love God.
Love People.

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Mischelle Coston said...

Doesn't that picture of him in Mickey Mouse ears make you chuckle just a little every time you see it?! :o)