Thursday, June 17, 2010

{Camp goers. . .}

My two little campers left yesterday.
Lily was excited.
Clayton not so much.
He originally wanted to go, and was excited, but then there were reasons not to. . .
His Dad was coming home.
Not very many of his friends going.
So whats a mom to do. . .
This Mom decided. . . Brother and Sister should be at camp together.
I was a little concerned about the "Buddy Up" with the girls because everyone was
"Budded" except for Lily. . .
but Miss P. Townsend (sweet girl) needed a "Buddy" too, and I was relieved!
I felt myself getting emotional! Not good.
See the above picture?
Its time to "listen" and Carson wasn't, so Lily was handling that.
Camper Clayton
Wont be long till Carson will be going, he already thinks he is as
big as the "big boys".
Carson misses his sister. . .like crazy.
I miss the camp goers. . . like crazy too.

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