Friday, June 18, 2010

{Campers are home ~ Toy Story 3 ~ Fathers Day}

I have pictures from my day, but my camera is in the car . . .

and I am simply to tired to go out and get it.
(Okay this is a prime example of where I am unsure to use "to tired" or "too tired"??)
Sorry. Sad.But.True.
My kids made it home
safely from camp.
I am thankful.
Lily is singing songs and talking and talking and talking about this and that.
Clayton is doing his best to not show that he had a great time, and
made mention he really didn't want to go, nor miss baseball.
BUT I had a
"Praise the Lord" moment
this after noon when he suddenly told me

Satan was a "good looking" angel, but that he is the
most horrible and bad.
So, that lets me know. . .
#1 He was listening.
#2 He learned.
#3 Someone did some very creative storytelling (I like. I like alot.).
#4 Glad I sent him, regardless of his words.

I'm Mom, I make the rules. Thank you. Well, with a little help from Dad.
After camp pick-up we went to eat
and to
Toy Story 3. . .
Great movie but my kids were a tad over tired and already way over
not to mention
it was off the the ballpark after the
movie. . .
(So what the Mr. and I were thinking I am not sure. . .).It was a super cute movie.
I cried. Oh, hush.
Andy goes to college. . . you'll cry too.
Oh yes, this restaurant called Big Daddy's hangs
colored paper plates on the ceiling for decor.
#1 I didn't name the place.
#2 I didn't decorate it either.
I just ate there.
the food.
was great.

I think I will head to bed now. . .Brad got called out to work tonight and
I was trying to wait up to visit, but it just ain't happening.
Tomorrow he is back to work at 6am and I am going to
slowly unzip camp suitcases that I should've done today but I thought
I would let them smolder in my hot steamy garage one more day before
I attempt to see what I can salvage.
I am going to let the kids get as much rest as I can
and then head out to do
a little
Fathers Day shopping.

He was actually very informative as to some things he would like. . .
A wallet (I love to buy him new wallets)
A leather belt (maybe)
Floor mats for his truck (boring, but necessary)
binoculars (they are no doubt to see you civilian folks better. . . so I might hold off on those)
and of course
what is on
his wish list every year. . .
A Green Egg Smoker (keep dreaming).
Talk Later.
P.S. I dont remember making a "wish list" for Mothers Day. . .just sayin'.

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meeksmiles33 said...

Cute pics! Love them all.