Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{Cats away Mice will Play. . .}

Here I am friends!
No wonder you were worried when I leave you with
such a frightening laundry scene for my last post.
It went a little something like. . .
Hey girl what are you doing?
Yeah, me neither.
Mark is going out of town. . .
Brad is out of town. . .
You want to do something?
So, we headed to the lake.
(Me & My Sister-n-Law)
(Little did I know. . . I had no phone service!!)
My kids had no idea how much fun water can be.
I am glad to be home.
Ball game for Buddy.
Packing the other two for camp.
Girl wants to go.
Boy doesn't so much want to go.
But Mom doesn't want girl to go without boy.
Praying for safety.
Praying for spiritual growth.
Praying they will see their Mighty God
in a Mighty Way.
(nothing like a camp experience to give you that).
P.S. I thought the sky was pretty tonight. . . thus the pictures.
We will talk tomorrow I hope. . .
Love, Tonia
I think my man will return tomorrow (yippee!).

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