Monday, June 28, 2010

{Complete Euphoria ~ Less than a 20 spot}

(I am most proud of the deodorant)

Euphoria, that is the best word to describe myself at this very moment. Thank you Erin Bartlett. At first, I must admit, I really didn't pay much attention. And then the coveting came. And then I just got mad. After anger. Education. And after Education. Came Freedom.

Seriously, Freedom.

I feel like I have broke free from the "money stealing giant"!
I don't know how long my feelings will last. . . but I can see how saving money can become

It was fun, to say the least, to get all of the above for less than a 20 spot.

Talk Later.

P.S. I had the help of 4 cashiers. And yes, they know Erin like a sister. And that is in our favor.


Cora said...

Tonia, I received $16 Register Rewards at Walgreen's tonight and you would have thought I won the lottery! It is a game to me! :)

Erin said...

Sweet!! Good job!! It is a little addicting...but I can think of worse. Just FYI, there is a new "4-day sale" flyer coming out tomorrow with several more Register REwards through the 4th!!