Thursday, June 17, 2010

{Dirty Dancing ~Joshin' & Spittin' ~ Flowers}

When I was at the lake on Monday & Tuesday we ate at Fin & Feather?
Have you ever been there?
I am not joshin' that place is a scene
straight out of
Dirty Dancing.
The spittin' image.
I felt like Babe was fixing to walk through the door.
On another note. . .
the flowers on my porch are still alive.
It is nothing short of a miracle.
Although this is the first year
I used Miracle-Gro. . . its true.
Its all about the soil.
All that time I didn't believe them.
They were so right.


Mom2Three said...

Oh my, do I ever know Fin and Feathers, love it!!! My grandparents used to take us over there all the time! Glad to see it looks the same! Ha!

Jasmin said...

We love fin and feather! They have the best breakfast.