Friday, June 11, 2010

{Man Neighbor ~ God who?}

Ordinary Day with a Sad Reminder

I stopped at a couple yard sales the other day. I enjoy yard sales. Just being outside searching for a treasure that could possibly only cost $2 is very appealing to me.

Stop #1 was a lady I go to church with, as I browsed I talked. We talked. She needed to talk. Her husband has been having some health problems. She was stressed about her son. She had went to bed at 2am and was back up at 6am for the crazies (such as myself) (well, I am not that crazy I usually don't ever get out until after 10). She was tired. I listened.

Stop #2 was a couple of homes down from the lady I know. I took notice that he had the workbook to 30 days to live (K. Shook's book, I think). I say, "I love this book, but I didn't do the workbook, did you enjoy the book?"

He replied, "Nah, my wife got those books somewhere, I don't read that stuff. I don't believe in God."

Me, "No way, really?"

Him, "Really, whats the point if we all are going to die?"

Me, "What do you believe happens when you die?"

Him, "Nothing really."

Me, "You have the promise of Heaven from God. The Bible tells us that, and its true. Hey, can I just get you to keep this book maybe and read it?"

Conversation is somewhat light-hearted but I am resisting getting on my knees beside his chair and begging him to believe. . . but you see. . . it doesn't work that way (well, maybe for Dewey H.). . . it will happen (I hope and pray) through a relationship. A relationship he hopefully has with a believer, that he knows cares, therefore he cares to know.

We talked a bit more until he says. . .

"We are fortunate to live in a country where we can believe as we wish."





But I know the outcome of his the type of "freedom" the man is claiming. . . and he will go to Hell.

At that moment I knew that was my cue to be quite. I told him I would pray for him.




Can't get the "man neighbor" off my mind actually.

I have friends & family (sad but true) that are lost whom I talked to often, and my prayer is God will use me. But I do believe this is my first encounter up close & personal with someone who doesn't believe our Creator exist.

I got in my car.

Went back to the ladies house I knew.

She didn't know him.

I asked her if she would pray for her "man neighbor" every time she sees him mowing, getting in his car, walking, whatever. . . pray that he has a relationship with a believer that with the help of the Holy Spirit can chisel away at his heart.

Will you join me in praying for "man neighbor" too?
It's just heavy on my heart. . .as it should be.


meeksmiles33 said...

You are such a great influence. I love you Ton! You truly have it; the desire to love others and truly be like Christ! I am thankful God placed you in my life!!

I will join you in praying for "man neighbor".

SheWolf said...

What an awesome job you did, girl! You never know that if that small conversation you had with him may be the trigger he needs to begin his search for salvation. Great job--I will pray with you on this!

gina said...

Yes - I've been so distracted with interruptions I haven't had time to leave comments.

I agree with the other comments - You plant the seeds and when the time is right - those seeds will grow. Perhaps a time will come when life gets hard for him or he needs more answers - He'll remember your conversation. But even if he doesn't - so many do, and the gospel IS being spread because of people like you who are willing to share your testimony.